Women IN-POWERment

Saudi Arabia has finally named a woman as their female advocate to the US. Princess Rima bint Bandar recently replaced Prince Khalid bin Salman as the vice defence minister of Saudi Arabia. Princess Rima is the first female ambassador in Saudi history and the first female with a rank of minister. The Princess has been campaigning for women empowerment for a long time in the country. She has also been the voice of the outcry for the freeing of women activists in jail and the poor treatment towards them. She has also campaigned for the participation of women in sports. 

Do you think that this is the right decision? Or should they go back to having the Prince as advocate? Comment down below…

Princess Rime bint Bandar

One thought on “Women IN-POWERment

  1. Psuedonymous Nerd says:

    Wow! I’m totally impressed with all these strong women around the world. This is just a small but crucial step to wards women empowerment. Girls rule the world (not really – but the boys can certainly share)

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