Tomorrow’s Super-babies

Our chances of being the smartest have now gone down dramatically. The world’s first genetically altered babies with drastically enhanced minds have been born in China. The twins, Nana and Lulu have had a gene removed from their DNA, to prevent AIDS a fatal disease from being passed on to them from their parents.To everyone’s surprise it has made them more resistant to strokes and with better memory and cognitive functions. This scientific experiment might have mislead the mothers and has been met with shock throughout the scientific community. However, there is no way of finding out whether their IQ has been affected. These tests will be used to make medicine to prevent stroke and improve memory.

Do you think this can be the future of the human populace? Or do you think this is unnatural and therefore, wrong? Comment down below…

~ By Yashoda Rao

One thought on “Tomorrow’s Super-babies

  1. Psuedonymous Nerd says:

    I think that genetically altering babies (especially without the permission of the mother) is despicable. To be altered with such an uncertain gene should be the child’s choice (this creates a paradox, doesn’t it). However to genetically alter a baby to stop some deformity or prevent a fatal disease seems less horrible. But intelligence, beauty, these things are nature’s choice and are better left alone. Besides, how can I compete for nerd queen of the world with some genetically enhanced babies?

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