India Fights Back

After Pulwama attack India was in a state of shock. As expected India fought back. On 26th February 2019, 12 Mirage and 2000 IAF jets dropped 10 bombs of 1000kgs in terrorist camps in Pakistan.

Around 200-300 terrorist were killed, no civilians were harmed. Initially Pakistan was in Denial. However, Locals claim to have heard the explosions. Pakistan is in a state of confusion and the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan has called an emergency meeting of his cabinet to control the situation. On this day the phrase ‘Jai Hind’ echo’s across India.

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One thought on “India Fights Back

  1. Aarush Kamdar says:

    This is revenge for the Pulwama attacks, which was a gruesome act done by terrorists. This was a brilliantly strategised move by IAF, which also stands for India’s Awesome Fighters. Jai Hind!

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