The “Fishy” Behaviour of Ship Companies.

Due to the oil spills in the Arabian Sea along the Mumbai Coastline there is damage to the ocean life in the area. Pebbles and rocks covered in oil and sand mixed with oil granules are visible. Mangroves can be seen derived of their colour and texture. The sea catch has become lesser along the coast. Fishermen claim that sea levels have risen not only due to untreated sewage released in the sea but also these oil spills.

To reimburse for the damages caused by these spills, companies have been charged crores of rupees, none of which have been paid to date. The dolphins and mammals that have died were washed ashore show signs of death due to respiratory or lung infections caused by pollution or the oil spills. No one is ready to take charge and be responsible for the cleanup. These companies are on a ‘slippery’ slope to jail.

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