The F(l)ight For the Pilot

Abinandan Varthaman’s jet was shot and he bailed out after bringing down a fighter jet during a dogfight against a Pakistani attack on Wednesday 27th February, 2019. He has been in their custody since then.

The IAF Pilot in custody has been recorded saying that he is fine, and that he is being treated very well by the Pakistani Army. There are three videos released by the Pakistani Army which have shown him being interviewed about his mission, which he refuses to talk about and his name and his region of birth. This pilot is a very delicate topic between the two nuclear powered countries right now, for if he is not returned on time, a war between India and Pakistan is fully expected. The two countries are getting warnings from several think tanks in the US about how peaceful negotiations will be a better way to settle disputes. The UNSC ( United Nations security council) is having meetings to decide their side in this ( see previous article)

Do you think the UNSC is right in manner of the peaceful negotiation? Or do you think war is the only answer? Comment Down below!

IAF Pilot Abhinandan

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