Big, Dark And Very Hungry

A black hole is a region in space from which nothing- including light can escape.Black holes are a mystery to mankind but we are making progress.

Astronomers and scientists have discovered a “quiet” and “hidden” black hole with mass 30,000 times greater than that of the sun. It has been discovered due to its effects on a interstellar gas cloud. A group of Japanese scientists were a observing a cloud of gas in the centre of the galaxy and noticed that it was moving strangely. It swirled as if it was being pulled by the gravity of a massive body.

In short the discovered black hole was gobbling up a gas cloud 25,000 light years away. This is one of the over 100 million black holes expected to be lurking in our galaxy.

Do you think we must learn and discover our galaxy or should we just focus on improving our planet- Earth? Comment down below…

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