What Comes Around, BlOWS Around!

Post the scandal with the Punjab National Bank, Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi have fled with no one to pay their due of 13,00 crores.

Nirav Modi owns a property located on a beach in Alibaug, India. His bungalow was of 1081 sq metres and was worth around Rs.100 crore. Authorities in Raigad district got the permission to demolish the property.

Authorities had told the Bombay High court that they would take only 2 weeks to complete this task.They realised that it would take longer to do so manually and earth movers would be very costly. So, they brought down the bungalow by controlled explosions. 100+ explosives were used.

Should they have demolished the property? What do you think? Comment down below..

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