Traffic Charges Just Got Stickier!

All traffic violaters, beware! There’s a new traffic allegation in town. The government has now issued a notification saying that all Driving licences and registration certificates will have exactly the same criteria. They will have a unique QR scan code, which will be scanned by a handheld device that will instantly show you the past offences/ records of the driver. This is NFC feature, which is also in MetroCards or ATMs. The states have also been given the extra permission to add ‘chips’ meant to store information about the driver and vehicle for as long as 10 years. Details as small like if driver has donated any organs or if he/she is driving a vehicle meant for the physically disabled will also be in these ‘chips’. These cards have been printed before, but were of very poor quality.

Do you think this is the right initiative of the government? Comment down below…

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