Lost And Found (In London)

The robber of the common man has been found. That’s right,Nirav Modi has currently been tracked down to a 8million dollar flat in London, UK. He allegedly wants to start his new business and was caught with a new handlebar moustache (which is certainly a crime, as well) .He has been openly living in the London East end, wanting to start a new diamond company. Nirav Modi has been assigned an extradition case by India and is on Interpol’s red corner notice. He is living quite openly on Oxford Street, opening a new business in SoHo. However, it will be difficult for India to extract Nirav Modi as negotiations with UK will have to be done.

Do you think UK should hand over Nirav Modi to India? Or do you think he deserves a chance to redemption? Comment down below…

Nirav Modi In London

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