Harappan Civilization: A New City, A New Discovery

After two months of excavation, archeologists have stumbled upon what they believe is a massive burial site. Dating back to the harappan civilization, the find has provided further evidence to the possibility of a populous human settlement. Estimated to be around 4,600 to 5,200 years old. The burial site has more than 250 graves, out of which 26 have been excavated. Archeologists found one full human skeleton that is around 6 feet, estimated to be around 5,000 years old. Besides the human skeleton, graves of children and animal remains have also been documented from the site, along with pottery vessels.

Do you think this discovery can change history as we know it? Comment down below…

~Written by Meesha Bhasin,Student of Std.9 V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir School.

13 thoughts on “Harappan Civilization: A New City, A New Discovery

  1. Dipti Grover says:

    Article written sounds very interesting and yes i think all these new discoveries,researches can be helpfull to our society!!
    Good job Meesha!!

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