PUBG:The Apocalypse

PUBG ( players unknown battle grounds ) has been banned in Gujarat( see article PUBG:Player Unknown BANNED Grounds? for more) and other states and districts in INDIA as the game is found to be addictive and violent.
The RAJKOT police have arrested 10 youngsters for playing the banned game . According to various sources this offence is bailable and the police will immediately bail the youths. The Rajkot  police caught the culprits red handed . The youths were so engrossed in the game that they did not notice the police coming towards them. So all you PUBG players be warned!

Do you think it is a good move to ban PUBG? Or not? Comment down below!

~Written By Krish Shah,
Student Of 9th, V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir School.

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