China blocks UNSC bid to ban JeM chief Masood Azhar for the 4th time in a decade.

Masood Azhar was the mastermind behind the horrific Pulwama attack. China has blocked the UNSC bid by India to declare this man as a global terrorist for the fourth time in a decade. This has resulted in a major setback for India in its fight against terrorism and in particular against JeM. Although India had the firm support of the US and UK and had approval from all other UNSC permanent members, the bid failed due to China’s veto.

China has a huge trillion dollar project, OBOR (One Belt One Road) which runs in large parts through Pakistan. Plus, China clearly sees India as an economically developing country and fears that India might challenge China’s economic and military strength in the future. Part of the OBOR project involves making large investments in building ports and improving transportation and other infrastructure of developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka that are already deep in Chinese debt and are potentially under the influence and control of China. These key factors might have influenced China’s strategic move to ban India’s bid against the JeM chief Masood Azhar.

The Chinese Ambassador to India, Luo Zhaohui said,”We understand india’s concerns and are optimistic that this matter will be resolved.” “This is only a technical hold which means there is time for continued consultations. This will be resolved, believe me” he added.

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~Written by Akshay Lavakare of IX, in Arya Vidya Mandir school

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