Google Fin(e)d

European Union regulators fine Google €1.49 billion for blocking advertising rivals.In Brussels, Google was charged a fine of €1.49 billion (€1.7) on Wednesday.
The above penalty being the third large European Union antitrust penalty for the Alphabet business in only two years.

The offence included the acts of stopping other publishers from placing any search adverts from competitors on their search results pages, forcing them to reserve the most advantageous space on their search results pages for Google’s adverts and a need to seek written approval from Google before making alterations to the way in which any rival adverts were displayed.

Google is now trying to comply with the order and ensure a level playing with proposals to boost price comparison rivals and prompt android users to select their search apps and browsers. The critics,however, are not happy.

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~Written by Swaraa Sule, Student of Std.IX V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir School.

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