Nirav Modi the fugitive of India finally got apprehended at the Holborn tube in London.The fugitive fled to London after he took almost 13,500 crores from the PNB bank and wasn’t able to pay it .What’s more interesting is that PNB shares rose significantly on the arrest of Nirav Modi .

He will appear in custody in the Westminster’s magistrate court in London and this case will be heard by a district judge.

Nirav Modi has also offered 5,00,000 pounds which is approximately 4 crores and 50 lakhs as security for his bail and his bail application is still being heard.Meanwhile 153 of his paintings worth ₹58 crore and 11 of his luxury cars including a rolls Royce have been seized. Looks this the doomsday of Nirav Modi has begun and his destiny has started to dawn on him.

~ Written by Krish Shah, Of class IX in V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir school.

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