Eating Chocolate, No Trudeau!

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada had to apologise for munching on a chocolate bar in parliament! He was spotted having a snack during a late night voting session, whereas the rules permit members to only drink water.

Against him, conservative MP Scott Reid accused Trudeau of hiding and eating a bagel, violating the rules. He added ” The prime minister has already stained the place with corruption, he does not need to stain it with mustard as well.” Amid the commotion amongst people the PM responded, “I apologise, it was a chocolate bar, but I apologise.”

Do you think that this story is quite humourous and he must be excused because he too -is human? Or are rules, rules and they apply for everyone no matter how small the rule might be or how big the person? Tell us your opinion in the comments down below…

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