NASA’S first all women’s spacewalk… Cancelled?!

NASA’s first all women spacewalk was set to happen on Friday morning for the first time in its 60 year history. Old batteries on the orbiting laboratory’s solar arrays would be replaced with more powerful, lithium-ion ones by Anne McClain and Christina Koch. However it was cancelled. Why? Well, on the international space station there aren’t enough space suits available by friday to fit a women’s smaller frame.

NASA announced that McClain who done a spacewalk last week was more comfortable in another spacesuit rather than what she originally planned to use, which wasn’t available.

On hearing about the cancellation of this historic event, the scientific community and women all around the world expressed their feelings of astonishment, dismayal and even anger to the media. They were accused of being sexist and received tweets like ” Right NASA, we can put a man on the moon but not a women in a spacesuit?” even Hilary Clinton agreed who tweeted “make another suit”. What do you think?Tell us in the comments down below…

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