Amazon Beaten By Start-Up!

A google funded startup company, Wing just launched a fully functional drone delivery service.Wing has beaten Amazon to commercializing a drone delivery service. It is now officially launching its services to residents of Canberra,Australia. Through this service, people can have certain goods and packages delivered within minutes.

Wing is managed by Google’s parent, Alphabet.It has received approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to begin delivery of goods via commercially operated drones. Approximately 100 homes in Canberra can select drone delivery through a dedicated app. The eligible items for delivery include medicine, fresh foods, and ice cream. Current flights are expected to take a mere three to five minutes.

Apart from efficiency and speed, safety has also been taken care of.
Although Wing’s services are highly limited in scope, the company has already completed more than 3,000 drone deliveries during its testing phases.

~Written by Teesha Arora, Hetanshi Shah and Mishti Rathod-Students of Std.IX in V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir School

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