Change Of Plans In Young Gymnast’s Career

A senior by the name of Samantha Cerio, attending Auburn University, recently suffered a horrific injury while performing a handspring double frontflip. She broke both her legs. Her knees supposedly dislocated upwards, apparent from images flying around the internet. As she took the inevitably horrific blind flip, this highly experienced gymnast took an extremely premature fall, thus probably damaging her career for good. Watching the videos going viral, one can see why the athlete screamed in severe agony. Her dreams of securing a spot in the NCAA women’s gymnastics regional final seemed to have come to a grinding halt. Some experts and physiotherapists claim that this may be “one of the worst sporting injuries ever closed”. A blind flip is when you cannot see the ground at the time of landing.

Her last words to the press were, “After 18 years, I am hanging up my grips and leaving the chalk behind. It may not have ended the way I planned, but nothing ever goes as planned.” On Twitter she requested people to stop sharing pictures and videos of her injury. She added,”My pain is not your entertainment.” What do you think? How can we support her?Tell us in the comments below!

~ Written by Rifka Dasgupta from class IX in JB Vachha High School.

16 thoughts on “Change Of Plans In Young Gymnast’s Career

  1. Pearl bhatia says:

    Amazing Rifkah. Very well written . Loved the way u hv conveyed your message. Short sweet and up to the point

  2. Sheriar Irani says:

    Superb Rifkah. Very succinctly explained. Hope to see you write many more over time. Keep up the good work, by budding writer. Love you.

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