A Look Alike of Modi Violates The Election Code?

Abhinandhan Pathak, a look alike of PM Narendra Modi who registered as an independent candidate for the Lok Sabha elections is in trouble. After submitting his file on Friday from Lucknow, the news reporters were informed that his slogan was “One vote, One note.” Soon, the district magistrate Kaushalraj Sharma said the slogan appeared to be in violation of the election code.

This is because his slogan might lure and tempt people to vote for him just because of greed. In fact, he has been given 24 hours to reply to this message and make a change quickly or else serious consequences are likely to be taken. Continuing to imitate PM Narendra Modi, Mr. Pathak dresses and speaks like him, beginning his speech with “mitron” as well. Lucknow, from where Mr. Pathak filed his nomination will vote shortly on 6th may and the results of the elections will come out on the 23rd of may 2019.

~Written by Zeanne Martis student of Std.IX, Podar International school

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