Paper Bag Of Rs.3 Gets Bata In Trouble

In Chandigarh, Bata India has been fined a sum of Rs.9000 as a legal fees for charging costumers Rs.3 for paper carry bags for ‘environmental purposes’. In the forum, Bata India was requires to compensate the Rs.3 to Dinesh Parshad, along with the Rs.3000 as compensation fees and Rs.1000 as ligitation fees. Along with that, Bata has to donate Rs.5000 to the Consumer Legal Aid Account as legal fees. To defend this action, the Chandigarh Consumer Forum stated, “If Bata India is an environmentalist activist, it should have given the same to the complainant free of cost”

What do you think? Is this legality fair or should Bata hold the right to charge their constumers for a paper bag? Comment down below..

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