Mumbai Breathing Ammonia In Air?

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology– Bombay, conducted a study which has concluded that ammonia present in the air has become a cause for chest illnesses among 68 lakh people in the city, while 34 lakh people may be afflicted by phlegm (mucus which gets thicker as a result of illness and is coughed up from the respiratory tract)

These numbers are based on the population of Mumbai.

According to the study, Maravali has recorded the highest figures in the city. Avik Sil who is the regional director of Environmental Policy and Research Institute, says that illegal industrial units of Andheri, Dharavi and Kurla use processes which could be releasing Ammonia.

Sil also said that air pollution has become a huge problem and its difficult to find the cause and catch the culprit. A study on the sources of ammonia at ground and ambient air level must be conducted in detail. Using ammonia scrubbers or catalytic converters can be done to control emissions.

Written by Avani Venkatesh, Student of Std.IX, V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir School

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