Burning Flame, on Notrè Damé

Arguably one of the most beautiful monuments to exist, The Notrè Damé is not just a religious structure but also a shared legacy. Located in Paris, it is sadly burning to flames causing devastation to many. It took 15 hours and around 400 firefighters to bring the situation under control. However, they were delayed slightly by rush hour traffic. The fire occured overnight and its cause is still unknown.

Fortunately, the main structure and twin towers have been saved. However, the firefighters were unable to save the central spire, which had been added during a restoration project in the 19th century. No one was killed in the fire. We are devastated due to the loss of such amazing pieces of part and are equally sad for the minor destruction caused to the monument. Business ventures and companies have pledged to donate millions of Euros to rebuild the structure.

What do you think could have caused the fire? Tell us your opinions in the comments below…

~Written by Teesha Aurora and Hetanshi Shah, students of class IX in Arya Vidya Mandir school.

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