Paradise on Earth!

Kashmir blooms with Tulips and Almonds Blossoms. March-April is the time when Asia’s Largest Tulip Show is on in the Tulip garden in the laps of Kashmiri mountains is blooming with Tulips of colours which you cannot think of. These flowers blossom only for 25 days & the care of the garden is taken all throughout the year, isn’t that amazing! But those 25 days are memorable for lifetime! The pristine view of Tulip Garden spread over 30 hectares, looks like a sea of colours aligned in a seamlessly flowing stream.

Over 1.2 million tulips of 60 varieties spread over 200 kanals are on display in the garden- Standard Tulips, Double Bloom, Parrot Tulips, Fringed Tulips, Bi-Colour Standard Tulips, Rembrandt, Fosteriana Tulips, Lily-Flowering Tulips, Single Late Tulips, and Triumph are some of the tulip species found in the garden. Almond trees are in full bloom in Srinagar’s Badamwari Garden where the spring festival brings delight to thousands. The Bloom marks the end of harsh winter and the advent of spring in Kashmir. In the month of March moist earth gives birth to new life. Flowers, grass, trees everything comes to life. A sight to behold. The white and pink flowers on the almond is worth seeing.

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~Written By Srinilaya Krishnan, student of class IX in JB Vachha high school.

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