Time Up For TIKTOK?

TIKTOK allows users to create short videos with special effects with a tune in the background. Jokes, clips and memes are being forwarded through this app. It is owned by Byte Dance. It has become a fad among most teenagers in India but has been in contrasting views by some politicians who believe is promotes unsuitable content.

Google has blocked access to popular video app, TIKTOK in India. The state court asked federal government to ban the app saying it encouraged inappropriate content. The federal government has sent a letter to Apple and Google to abide by the state court’s order.

Crores of people in India- over 120 million are already using TIKTOK and have downloaded it. They have an option to share the app with others. Hence, by deleting the app from Google play and App Store it might not make a big difference.

Do you think banning TIKTOK in India will prove to be effective or ineffective? Tell us in the comments below!

~ Written By Manvi Nichani, Student of class IX in Arya Vidya Mandir school.

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