ISIS Chief Resurfaces!

IS (Islamic State) Chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reveals his face on camera after 5 years. ISIS is a jihadist terrorist organisation that is partly responsible for the war in Syria. ISIS chief revealed himself in a propaganda video on Monday. Although it is unclear when the video has been taken, the battle of Baghouz has been referred to as past tense.Although ISIS has lost all physical territories, the ISIS chief is still at large and is the world’s most wanted man with a bounty of 25 million dollars from USA on his head. During the battle of Baghouz, ISIS lost its last camp to USA and along with it, its last piece of territory.

This video mostly talked about the Sri Lankan attacks, which IS claims responsiblity for. (see articles: Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Sri Lankan Attack or: Sri Lankan Attacks)

What do you think? Will this provide a clue to USA’s most expensive manhunt? Or will Baghdadi manage to once again, escape? Comment down below…

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