Trump On Indian Import Duties

Donald Trump, the president of the USA has complained about the high import duties India has on paper and paper products. He said, “We charge other countries zero tariffs (tax) on foreign paper products. When [we] exported abroad India charged big tariffs…[This is] unfair.” He added.

Earlier Trump had also criticised India’s tax on Harley- Davidson motorcycles, at which the tax was at 100% and then reduced to 50%.

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One thought on “Trump On Indian Import Duties

  1. Owlett News and Media Platform for Tweens says:

    Just as Donald Trump would like to serve the interest of his country while deciding on trade and tariff policy, India has to carefully protect the interest of its domestic industry and trade. While USA is an Advanced Economy with very high per capita income, India is still an Emerging Market Economy with her per capita income less than US$2000 as against the USA’s about US$60,000. There has to greater degree of understanding on the part of Donald Trump about India’s economic situation!!!

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