Charminar Cracked Due To Water

The Charminar is considered the symbol of Hyderabad .In 2018,conservationists of Indian heritage were left flummoxed when a huge crack was spotted, probably due to damage from water. A large chunk, of the minaret fell off, comprising exquisite patterns of lotuses, balustrades and flowers. This has obviously raised growing concerns of the health of the ageing monument.

The grand Charminar represents the Qutub Shahi period in Hyderabad’s history, it’s architectural brilliance blinding. Sadly though, the material used in building it earlier stands no longer available. The Archealogical Survey of India (ASI) expects repairs to be finished in a month. At peak tourist season, it is indeed a greater misfortune to all.

Written by Rifka Dasgupta, Student of Std IX of JB Vachcha School.

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