Richest Man Dreams Of The moon

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and also the world’s richest man made an announcement that left the whole world excited and speechless. He revealed news regarding his passion project- blue origin( A space startup that aims to build infrastructure to help future generations explore space). He introduced his product, a new moon lander called blue moon. “It’s an incredible vehicle and it’s going to the moon” Bezos said. He further said “It’s time to go back to the moon, this time to stay.”

This craft has been in development for 3 years now and can transport 3.6 tons of cargo in space. This shuttle will be used to carry scientific equipment and maybe even humans. His goal is to send humans to the moon by 2024 which is in 5 years from now.

However, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk doesn’t seem too inspired. He tweeted in response to Bezos’s speech “Oh, stop teasing Jeff”.

Do you think his vision will come true in the next five years? Will his business venture succeed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…

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