US Sends Military System To Middle East Amidst Tension

US has now deployed missiles and assault ships to counteract the threats by Iran. These ships will be in position by the Gulf, in the neighbouring country of Iraq. The Pentagon claims this is to counterattack a supposed threat by Iran.This dispute has been brought on due to the oil tensions between the two countries (see article: The Oil Jumble for more). Iran also refusing to abide by the Nuclear Arms Treaty has just added fuel to the fire (see article: The Nuclear Jumble for more).

Fearing an assault, USA has taken to the offence. According to them, Iran has been indicating heightened Iranian readiness for offensive operations against the USA. Although Pentagon claims that there is a threat issued, the specifics of the above are yet unclear. Moreover, USA wishes to avoid conflict with Iran and state that this is just a precaution.

What do you think? Is this the start of a war or Cold War of the two nuclear powered countries? Or will the Oil and Nuclear issue by resolved once and for all? Comment down below…

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