Iran In A Fix?

Due to the renewed sanctions on Iranian oil by USA, Iran is facing pressure against their oil and nuclear weapons market( see articles: The Oil Jumble and article The Nuclear Jumble for more). USA has also increased the number of military forces around the Gulf on neighboring country Iraq (see article: The Weapons Jumble for more).

It cannot be said whether conditions were as bad as the war period, but that time there was only a sanction on weapons. Now the oil, banking, imports and exports have also been stopped. Donald Trump has also asked Iran’s leaders to put a stop to it’s nuclear program, otherwise war would be inevitable. Iran has backed out from the Arms Treaty, one year after USA. Moderators are trying to resolve the issue peacefully between the two countries. This is a delicate issue, as both countries are nuclear powered and have to ability to cause a lot of destruction.

What do you think? Will Iran and USA go against each other in war? Or will the moderators save Iran from war once again?

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