India Offered Once In A Lifetime Deal, Will They Take It?

Lockheed Martin, an aerospace development company has declared that it will not sell its latest model of F-21 fighter jets to any other country if India places an order for 114 planes. If India signs the contract, they will be under the global fighter’s system, which is a USD 165 billion dollar market.

Their design is custom built to operate over 60 of India’s Air Force stations. This will be the biggest military order in the world in recent times. Lockheed says that if they sign the contract, they will set up a fighter manufacturing plant with the Tata group and also help India develop further in defence and military development.

This will ensure better military equipment and defence systems. However, the cost of producing this could lead to the end of Tejas, the existing fighter jets developed in India itself.

What do you think? Should India accept this deal? Comment down below…

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