CPRF Bans Jawans From Playing PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds, better known as PUBG is an extremely popular multiplayer online game by Tencent games. The game was recently banned in several states and districts in India for being “violent and addictive”. Read https://owlett.in/2019/03/16/pubgthe-apocalypse/ for more.

Recently, the Central Reserve Police Force (CPRF) instructed it’s commanding officers to prohibit the troops of even playing the game. This precaution was taken because the games “addiction had affected the Jawans operational capabilities.”

A senior officer also said that many of the Jawans had stopped socializing with their fellow Jawans because of the game. He further said that it had also lead to sleep deprivation because of reduced physical activity.

Do you play PUBG? Do you agree with this? Tell us in the comments below…

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