Donald Trump Impeached?

Donald Trump’s long time critic, a Republican lawmaker Justin Amash has called for his impeachment, on the grounds of impeachable behavior. He claims that the behavior shown by Donald Trump would get anybody who is not the President thrown in jail. Donald Trump has reacted, saying no such behavior was seen, according to a report conducted by Robert Mueller. The President draws closer to an impeachment as he tries to suppress political views. Let us take a look at his actions so far and decide whether or not impeachment is the right way to go-to

1. He backed USA out of the Nuclear Arms Deal.( See article: The Nuclear Jumble for more)

2. He has decided to build a wall across Mexico, pausing all immigrations from Mexico and separating immigrant families.

3. He united the Democrats and Republics and passed many important laws for social causes such as human trafficking, rape, harassment, however he did support the abortion ban in Georgia, Alabama.

4. He pulled out of the Iran deal and imposed sanctions on the oil. (See article: The Oil Jumble for more)

What do you think? Does Donald Trump deserve to be impeached? Comment down below….

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