Elections: The Sixth Phase

Here are the latest happenings in the general election’s 6th phase:

1.India’s oldest voter has recently voted in the Himachal Pradesh. Shyam Saran Negi, a 103 year old man was the first person to ever vote in India. He has since then voted in all 13 Assembly elections and 17 Lol Sabha elections. While voting, he was received with a red carpet.

2.BJP led NDA is most likely to form the majority of the government, according to exit polls.(predictions of the election results before the election committee releases them. These are simply guesses made by various sources.)

3. Narendra Modi had taken to meditate in the Badrinath Cave in the Himalayas, some claim as a publicity stunt. The cave was equipped with food, AC and a toilet.

3. Voters were supposedly stopped by BJP workers, given 500 rupees as a bribe and inked their fingers so that they could no longer vote. There have been investigations conducted on the accused.

What do you think about all these scandals? Who do you think will win the elections? Tell us in the comments below…

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