BJP’s Impact On Indian Economy.

Exit polls in India projected a clear win for BJP and its allies today. The real challenge now is to tackle low economic growth and unemployment, among other issues.

With the unemployment rate rocketing to a record 7.6% in April, and the pressure of creating almost 1.2 million jobs per month, PM Modi will have to encourage major investment in the government to live up to his promises of Achche Din ( achche din aane wale hai, the slogan of BJP during the 2014 elections)

Economic growth further hit a low of 6.6% in the Oct-Dec quarter. To battle this, the government may need to rework its expenditure to account for the weakened growth of industries and rural manufacturing as well.

What do you think? Will Modi be able to live up to his promise of Achche Din? Comment down below….

~Written by Anusha Sankholkar, Bombay Scottish Powai.

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