Reliance Biggest Firm By Revenue

Reliance has now become the biggest company in revenue beating Indian Oil Cope, a state owned comapny. It reported a profit of 6.23 lakh crore rupees in the fiscal year (a fiscal year is used by companies and the government to track the money. It generally lasts from April 1 to March 31 next year), while IOC reported 6.17 lakh crore. It is also the most profitable company in the country, and has a considerably large net worth. However, while Reliance may have the highest profit reported, it also has the highest debt (gross) of 2.83 lakh crores.

Hopefully, Reliance will report an even bigger profit now through their recent acquirey of Hamleys.

What do you think? Will Reliance keep it’s top position? Or are they bound to fall down the ladder this fiscal year?

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