UN Says Nuclear War Biggest Threat Since WWII

Renata Dwan, director of United Nations Institute of Disarmament Research has said that all countries that are now armed with nuclear power, and the risk of a nuclear war is higher than the World War 2. She has called it an urgent issue which has to be highlighted immediately. This is partly due to the fierce competition between China, Russia and USA for the nuclear race.

Most countries have signed the Nuclear Peace treaty, which has won the Nobel Peace Prize and has been signed by 23 out of 50 countries. If superpowers and nuclear countries cannot be restricted, there will be a huge tip of power and the threat of nuclear bombs looking over the world. UN has taken the required action to control the Nuclear weapons, with the Nuclear Arms Deal (see article: The Nuclear Jumble for more).

What do you think? Is nuclear power nessecary to be controlled? Comment down below…

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