NaMo NaMo 2.0

The results for this year’s general elections are out!! The BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) has emerged victorious again.Modern age Chanakya Amit Shah has a big hand in this victory and is leading by nearly 5 lakh votes in Gandhinagar against his rival Mr Chavda. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is leading in almost 340 seats out of the 542 seats that went to the polls, this year.

Opposing the NDA is the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) which is lead by the Indian National Congress (INC). It is leading by only 100 seats and the Congress on its own is leading by just 50. However, there are some states where BJP is not leading. These states include the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh, Orissa and Punjab and West Bengal. However, the margin in West Bengal is surprisingly short. The incumbent ruling party Trinamool Congress (TMC) is leading by 22 seats.

The BJP also leads in the Congress stronghold Amethi, with Smriti Irani of the BJP having 43,033 votes against her name, while Rahul Gandhi trails behind with 38,615 votes. The members of parliament belonging to the coalition or party, elect their leader, who becomes the prime minister of the country.

Narendra Modi will return to power and celebrations for his victory have started all over India. He shared a tweet which expressed his happiness and promised a strengthened India. Hoping for forthcoming ‘ache din’ with his renewed reign.

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