Narendra Modi: Story Of An Amazing Win

BJP has shown the best results in an election since Indira Gandhi’s Congress in 1984. BJP singlehandedly seized 303 seats out of the 414 available, with Rahul Gandhi having a sad total of 50. Here are some other interesting things that have happened-

Rahul Gandhi has also broken records by losing Congress’s stronghold, Amethi after 20 years of rule.

BJP secured all 7 seats in Delhi. NDA, an alliance led by BJP, has won 352 seats.

This Lok Sabha also is set to see 78 women MPs, which is a record breaking high in history.

The media has gone crazy. Both foreign and national media is celebrating the return of the Hindu nationalist Chowkidar.

What do you think? Will Modi be the model leader India deserves? Comment down below…

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