Huawei And It’s Lost Ties

Huawei, after being banned by the USA, has lost many valuable ties with global technology companies as the United States of America has banned the Chinese company from buying or using American hardware and software. ( See article: Huawei Loses Android for more)

Huawei has been given a 90 day breather before USA would impose the ban compeletly. However, this ban allows updates on the older models and repairs. It does not exempt any newer models from the ban.

The companies that have severed ties are- Microsoft, Google, Panasonic, suspension from Wi-Fi, SD card slots ( SIM card), Intel, Broadcomm, and ARM holdings ( a giant British software company). This looks like the end for the Chinese company. They have been backed into bankruptcy by the USA

What do you think? Is this move just a power play by the USA? Comment down below….

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