PMO Tax Refunds Not Monitored?

The PMO( Prime Minister’s Office) has replied to a RTI statement ( Right To Information) that that there are no records of its income tax returns. This means there is no way of knowing just how much return the PM of India is receiving. With no official records, you cannot understand whether there has ever been any tax fraud committed, and with no proof backing them up, there is no way to file a case. While the records do state when and how he has taken the refund, it does not state the amount of the refund.

The PMO has stated under the Section 8 (I) of RTI Act, that this information can be withheld. This section states that if the personal information of n individual irrelevant to any public activity or interest, which would asue unwarranted exploitation of an individual’s privacy, then the disclose of e information is unnecessary. However, the section also states that “provided the information denied to the Parliament and the State Legislature shall not be denied to any person”

The PM has assets worth 2.8 cr, as declared in the Affidavit signed with the Election Commission.

What do you think? Should this information be available to the public? Or should the right to privacy of an individual be respected? Comment down below…

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