Was It Donald Trump?

The Russian government, led directly by Russian President Vladimir Putin had interfered in the general elections of 2016, meaning to boost Donald Trump’s campaign. This might have been to cause political and social unrest in the nation. This activity of theirs was first disclosed by the Ministers and confirmed by the US Intelligence Community in 2016. Russia had created thousands of social media accounts, all impersonating American citizens, all of whom were Pro Trump, spreading messages for his campaign and against Hillary Clint. This discouraged many people from voting for her and she lost.

Robert Mueller, is the US official trusted with investigating if Trump was responsible in this act. In a 10ish minute speech, he announced he will be formally stepping down and closing the case. After not being able to prove the meddling, he has finally said that there is no point in Donald Trump being charged with no proof of the crime. However, he sent a clear message to the country- Trump got very, very lucky.

What do you think? Could Donald Trump have really done it? Or was this all only Vladimir Putin? Comment down below…

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