Women’s Participation in Indian Armed Forces

Mohana Singh has now become India’s first fighter jet pilot to operate the Hawk. She has taken many practice lessons in the bombing, flying, military spying on air assault, etc. This led us to write about the progress of women in the Indian Armed Forces.

Now, the army is issuing announcements for the hiring of women soldiers in the Indian armed forces. The Indian Army, although being the second largest army in the world, has a shocking percentage of only 3.80% of females in their army, which is approx. 1,561 women to every 41,075 men. The foundation of hiring women for the army started back in 1992, with the passing of the bill Short Service Commissions. Unfortunately, there were no more opportunities created for women in the army since then, which is a very sad plight to here.

Thankfully, due to the Modi government, women now have a transparent selection and the opportunity to be a part of all ten sections of the Indian Army. This will further push India along the path of gender equality.

What do you think? Should women have equal opportunities in the Armed Forces? Comment down below…

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