Google Under Investigation

The Department of Justice in the US is likely to open an antitrust investigation into the technology giant Google. Antitrust laws exist to ensure that there is fair competition and consumers have options to choose from.

This comes amid discussions questioning if large technology-based companies should be broken up. As for 2018 Alphabet (parent company of Google) was said to have a $136.8 billion revenue out of which 85% came from advertising. Also, more than 70% of the search engine market is controlled by Google. Which is why this investigation will focus on the company’s search, business practices and advertising. This opens a new threat to the technology giants, which have recently been under the fire for data leakages and hateful content on their platforms. Politicians have been targetting these companies and have even called for breaking them up.

Google was earlier investigated in 2013 but emerged from it largely unharmed.

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