Delhi’s Safety Issues For Women.

The safety of women in Delhi is a huge issue, and not much is being done to resolve it. Women are afraid to use basic resources like public transport, and the fear of being harrassed or raped is high.

Delhi has now announced that public transport such as bus and the metro will be made totally free for women. Kejriwal, Delhi’s CM has said that most women can’t afford public transport, and the women who can will not avail these facilities. Kejriwal has also claimed this move will make public transportation safer for women. But will this really have any actual effect on the problem at hand? Does making something free make it’s safe?

On a more positive and easily understood note, Kejriwal has also asked for the installation of 70,000 CCTV cameras around the city, which does guarantee safety.

What do you think? Is making public transport free for women a good move? Comment down below…

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