Does Free Travel Make It Safer?

In our previous article, we talked about the Safety of Women in Delhi. We would like to answer the biggest question there is-

Does free travel make it safer?

According to the AAP(Aam Aadmi party), many women were affected with the rise in prices of the tickets, as a result, women scarcely used public transport and were forced to use other means such as taxi, ride sharing, or walking. However, the real reason many women left the system was not due to money problems. In fact, modes of private transport are more expensive. It is due to the risk of being harassed at the bus stop, or about the time delays and the safety issues, according to a survey conducted by the UN Women.

If the ride is made free, it will resolve to more women coming on the train and there’s safety in numbers. But, there was any way a very small percentage of women using the public transport service before the rise in the tickets price. So right from the start, was it ever even related to monetary reasons?

What do you think? Will this plan be the revolution needed for women safety? Or is this another one of Kejriwal’s plans that will go bust? We can only wait to find out.

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