Why Are Tech Companies Being Investigated?

Recently the Trump Administration is opening investigations on Tech Giants, claiming that they have too much power. (See article Investigation On Google for more)

This comes after serious accusations regarding social media’s deep impact in the 2016 US elections. ( See article: Was it Donald Trump? For more) US President Donald Trump has also slammed Amazon, whose CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and often write about Trump and his administration. He is also closely examining social media companies and others such as Google claiming that they suppress conservative voices, all of this without any proper evidence. Due to this, shares of Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon have fallen.

In response to all of this Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple said that Apple controlled a moderate share of the market but was not too big and disagreed with politicians who said that the company should be broken up. He added, ” With size scrutiny (inspection) is fair, and I think we should be scrutinised. “I don’t think anybody reasonable is going to come to the conclusion that Apple is a monopoly. (full possession or control of a commodity or a trade.)

Do you think any of these companies should be broken up? Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments below…

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