US-Russia War Ship’s Almost Collide

Yesterday, both Russia and USA’s warships nearly collided with the other, in the Pacific Ocean, Each blaming the other for the mishap. They were between 50-165 feet of each other, according to various reports. Both sides claimed to alleged that they were forced to perform emergency manoeuvres to avoid a collision. It could have led to a really dangerous and political scandal. The USA claimed that they would launch a formal diplomatic complaint against Russia, while Russia said that these sort of accidents would quickly cause tension among the already fragile relationship between the two superpowers.

It is imperative to understand their past to realise the importance of this incident. US and Russia had their disagreements in World war 1 and post world war 2. After which both countries claimed nuclear power and tensions began to grow. Although both the countries were not engaged in military action they both were trying to “outdo” the other. This conflict was sparked when Russia was accused of interfering in the 2016 US elections. This is why this incident will affect the world’s biggest superpowers- the US and Russia.

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