China is Officially Copying Black Mirror Now

The Chinese Government has enforced the dystopian social credit ranking system and seems to be officially using Black Mirror to spice up its boring monotony. The system is supposed to standardize the assessment of the national, economic and social value of a person through their ‘Social Credit’ by 2020. This system is a type of mass police work and uses massive knowledge analysis technology.

China is planning to introduce incentives to reward role models in the evolving social credit system. There are 15 preferential policies to be enjoyed by the people who are in the role model list which are to be introduced to outstanding individuals in the field of education, employment, Medicare etc. The national development and reform commissions have set guidelines to evaluate a person who is to be considered a role model.

Individuals may also be denied basic services like public transport based on their social credit score.

How do you think will this affect people’s lives in China?

~Written by Poornima Menon, student of class IX in JB Vachha High school

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