Google News?

Google this year made 4.7 billion dollars out of its Search and Google News industry. However, the news itself was not being produced by Google.

The news industry in the US has made approx. 5.1 billion dollars from advertising out of which 4.7 billion is being taken by Google itself. Many people have claimed that the journalists deserve a fair cut of this, as they are the ones who produce all the content, and this arrangement takes away their money. Data shows that nearly 40% of Google’s search queries are for news, which (as stated above) the giant company doesn’t produce itself.

This is causing huge losses for journalists and publishers who deserve their own money out of this. Such cases have led to the passage of Journalism Competition And Preservation Act in 2018. This bill allowed news and media portals the right to negotiate their pay share with large online platforms.

What do you think? Should journalists get their fair share? Or should Google continue to take it all? Comment down below…

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